Services in premium lifts are highly commendable

Our Services

  • Installation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Warranty of material
  • Annual maintenance
  • Modernization

Services in premium lifts are highly commendable. It is very essential to install a lift accordance to the lift standards for utmost satisfaction of lift users.

Periodical maintenance of a lift is essential in order to to avoid many problems. We don’t stop with just manufacturing but our service continues all the time especially in times of breakdowns. We offer you periodical services once in a month. Our employees will always maintain their pleasing ethics even if calls come in odd times.

We receive unlimited calls and many breakdowns were attended which has received good feedbacks from the clients and the service reports are remarkable and satisfactory. If required, the components of the lifts are also replaced to keep the lift in operation.

Lift modernization is done in Premier lifts. Modernization of lift doors, lift car/ cabin, lift safety devices are also done by us.

Old lifts and outdated lifts are replaced by new and modern lifts with automatic /manual door, modernized safety devices which includes infrared door sensors, automatic rescue device (ARD) , overload warning device, overspeed governor (OSG) , emergency stop, emergency alarm, etc , modern lift car/ cabin like SS, MS, GLASS car with suitable interior by the up gradation of lift technologies.